Before each race, you have an oportunity to train your horses. What you choose to train will effect the leg type of the horse. There are 5 leg types.

Leg Types

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Note: For Solo times between 12.70 and 13.30 it's usually between 2-5, whips right off the bat, not too fast, and 2-5 at half way, and how many depends on the traing, i.e. if it is slope, or turf, or not, and the age of your horse. Expirience is the key to good training.

Note: For Cooperative training, if the initial distance goes to 4 lengths you will need to whip to catch up, otherwise you will need to use hold to slow down, once you are even, use the whip and hold to try to stay within a head, and finish with a Dead Heat.

Note: Some horses do not like particular trainings, and may refuse to train. Also if you do the same training too many times in a row the horse may refuse to train once, but will train it the next time. Refusal to train may also be related to the track condition, as some horses do not like Soft, so it may not be the training alone.