Q: What's the difference between Horse Types?
A: There are three Horse Types in Derby Owners Club (DOC):
SPEED RUNNER TYPE: This horse can run relatively fast.
STAMINA TYPE: Horse has the lowest whip response of the three types. However it doesn't use its Stamina as much so it's good at long distance races.
SHARP RUNNER TYPE: Horse has the highest whip response of all. However it uses its Stamina the most.

Q: How is the Horse Type set?
A: The highest point of the Horse Abilities (Speed, Stamina and Sharp) sets the Horse Type. Horse Type will change throughout a Horse's racing career based on Abilities at that particular time.
While racing horses with an even Stamina type, other various conditions will average into this and make one particular horse's Stamina more effective.
Consider your horse's overall Character and enhance its Ability with proper Training and Racing (i.e. whipping/hold back timing) Style.
See Training Tips.    See Racing Tips.

Q: Is it possible to choose a Foal's gender?
A: Nope.

Q: How can we create a Special Foal?
A: The Special Foal is the result of a mutation. If a parent is the special one, the birth chances of a special foal will increase. Horse coloration alone does not affect your horse's Ability either way, any more than the paint color of a race car would. It just makes for variety, wonderment and lots of sneaky glances your way...
It's time consuming and chancey creating a Special Horse of your very own. You can "cheat" if you like, by buying one on
See Special Foal

Q: How do we make a strong horse?
A: Basically a newborn foal's Ability will get better from generation to generation in DOC.
If you'd like to create a high Ability foal from the very beginning, you may have a better foal with parents' parameters as shown below:
Ex. Sire Dam
Out of the Box
If more than four marks of both parent's Ability such as and are in the same place, it's possible to have a fine foal.
Matching number of 's is proportional to a foal's Abilities.
See Breeding Tips.

Q: How many kinds of Horse Characters are there?
A: There are five Characters -- Imposing, Rough, Honest, Coward and Sloppy. You'll need to know this as DOC will ask you about it every now and then, and adjust your Horse Hearts (Relationship) up or down according to the correctness of your answer.

Q: How do I identify My Horse's Character?
A: You'll know your Horse's Character with the comments at the birth scene after you've breed its parents.

If you can't remember, you can easily find out your horse's Character later on by pressing the HOLD button while the horse is waiting in the farm corral (i.e. before training while waiting for the current horse race to finish) and observing its reaction:

Imposing Standing up

Kicking up

Shaking its body

Getting startled

Falling asleep

Q: Tell us more details about the six Abilities!
A: Enhanced Abilities (thru proper training) details as follows:
Start Dash speed gets faster.
Corner speed doesn't slow down rapidly. Also it can run fast to the inside of the track especially in the corner.
Your horse can pass obstructive horses easily when it runs up to their position.
It can win the race when it's competing other horses in the final straight track.
Even though the gauge of whip effect is low in the final straight course, the gauge won't go down rapidly.
Every whip effect gets more effective.

Q: What kind of effect does Relationship (Hearts) have?
A: Relationship Heart points is MOST IMPORTANT in DOC.
If your horse enters a race with nearly full Relationship heart points, it'll run so much the better.
Also the Relationship Heart points affects every training sceanario and thus influences your horse's gains in the various Ability grades when you're done. Understand your horse well and try to have good communications with each other. Know the kinds of food your horse likes and dislikes, and also what Horse Character Type it is. DOC will quiz you randomly about it and will adjust your Heart points accordingly up or down.

Q: How's the Leg Type set?
A: Leg Type is set by the grade of of the five Abilities except Corner.
Q: How many Leg Types are there?
A: There are five Leg Types such as Front-Runner, Start Dash, Last Spurt, Stretch-Runner and Almighty. The horse leg type will be set as Almighty when the grade of five Abilities except Corner are the same amount. Contrary to what you may think, having a Leg Type of Almighty is not a good thing at all. See Racing Tips.

Q: Can Front-Runners only win by a big margin?
A: Both the Front-Runner and Start Dash can use two strategies "Dash" and "Pool". "Dash" means using a whip aggressively and win a race by a big margin. "Pool" means keeping your horse bunched up with other horses, conserving Stamina (HOLD BUTTON Strategy) and biding your time for that last spurt to the finish line. See Racing Tips.

Q: Any more tips for Pool Front-Runner and Pool Start Dash?
A: Don't use a whip often during the first half of the race and conserve/build (i.e. don't whip, use HOLD button) your horse's power for a last spurt to the finish line.
Whip your Last Spurt and Stretch-Runner horses at the latter half of the race to effectively speed them up.
Front-Runner and Start Dash horses using the "Pool" racing strategy technique can run faster than ordinary Front-runner and Start Dash horses at the end of the race. Running within a "Pool" requires left effort on the part of your horse. It's sorta like using the draft of the horses around you to your advantage.
That's the greatest effect of "Pool". In DOC your horse's tiredness is checked at certain racetrack passing points (hereafter called the Measure Point, see table below). DOC will check your horse's pool power at the Measure Point to see if it has enough for a last spurt or not.

Here is a good example of an effective riding technique:

A Typical Technique/Strategy (Front-Runner, 2000m race):
Whip your horse and take a lead like "Dash" horses when the gate flys opens at the start of the race.
Ordinarily, Front-Runner horses speed up and take a wide lead from others. However for a "Pool" Front-Runner you should stop whipping when the gauge gets to 50% i.e. keep the gauge around letters "CO" position of the HORSE CONDITION onscreen mark consistenly.
Also keep an eye on the distance/position of the other horses and try to recover Horse Condition (tapping HOLD button slowly), but do not press HOLD button anywhere near the Measure Point (1300m left in 2000m races). Just recover the gauge to around the letter "H" position of the HORSE CONDITION mark onscreen.) When passing the Measure Point on the racetrack, keep your position and pool your power for a last spurt to the finish line.
Other horses will speed up and try to pass your horse when it reaches the third corner.
Try not using the whip for as long as possible. Then whip again when the other horses come close to your horse. By this time most of typical Front-Runners lose their power and speed. If your horse overtakes them, you'll be on the verge of victory.

More tips for "Pool" Front-Runner and "Pool" Start Dash horses: After the start, take a wide lead from other horses and recover Horse Condition without using the HOLD button by the Measure Point. After using the Whip button a lot and recovering its power with the HOLD button, the horse will get tired and become strained. It's not effective at all.
In 2000m races, the zone from the start to the Measure Point is quite short so the Horse Condition gauge should be around 50%. However the zone get longer in long distance races so that it's possible to use Whip and HOLD button many times.
* Try to have your Horse's Recover Rate at the Measure Point of every race at around the letter "H" position of the HORSE CONDITION onscreen.

Measure Point by distance till finish line for Pool Front-Runner and Pool Start Dash Horses:
m Front-Runner Start dash
1600m 1000 700
2000m 1300 1000
2400m 1400 1100
3000m 1750 1400
3200m 1900 1400

A high degree of racing skill is necessary for Pool Front-Runner and Pool Start Dash in DOC. Using "Pool" and "Dash" strategies will make your play style grow. Why don't you try them?

See Racing Tips.

Q: Why isn't the Horse Condition gauge full before a race?
A: The Horse Condition guage is that part of the screen that shows a color bar going UP (becoming strained) when you whip the horse, goes DOWN (recovers) slowly when you don't and goes DOWN rather fast when you hit the HOLD button (but you also lose speed, but this slow-down rate varies according to track, weather and position.) Your horse will also start of "tired" if you use the whip too much in its last race or your horse is in top positions continuously in past races without resting. The gauge is related to your horse's tiredness. By getting more and more tired, it loses Stamina during the race and it affects its Whip Reaction a lot. So every now and then give your current horse a break and race with another horse card.

Take good care of your horse by taking rests often!

Q: Is the HOLD button effective? I want to run faster, not slower!
A: Using the HOLD button is unfavorable in short distance races.
However it's effective in long distance races so it's important to use it then. When your horse can't use its real Ability and loses speed when it runs the long distance race by being boxed in by other horses, HOLDing is sometimes desireable to build up your Horse Condition and in this case, your race position will be minimally affected. How to use and when to use the HOLD button is one of the BIG KEY points to win a race. See Racing Tips.
But if you otherwise press HOLD button repeatedly just for recovering the Horse condition quickly, this will instead be counter-productive because you'll lose Speed at the very same time.

Q: Are there any good effects in feeding some bananas to the horse?
A: Banana enhances the horse's Ability and also it has the same effect as resting. Bigger bananas are more effective.

Q: What is the yardstick of Handicaps in Handicap races?
A: Handicaps are set by Total Earnings.
It's not related to your wins or the number of races. If your horse earns a lot, the Handicap will be heavy.

Q: How is the amount of Handicaps influenced by Total earnings?
A: If the horses with exactly same abilities runs in a 1600m race, every $????? will become a five to six horse lengths Handicap.

Q: Are there any combination effects with the six Abilities?
A: If you combine two parameters and train your horse, it'll have more Ability.
There are two combination patterns as follows:
1: If you train Out of Box and Competing, your horse will burst out of the box.
2: If you train Out of Box and Tenacious, your horse can block other horses that are behind it.

In order to effectively use this combo, the Out of Box grade must be more than 70% and the other (Competing or Tenacious grade) is more than 60% when you race your horse.

Q: Is this Game Expen$ive to Play?
A: DOC is an additive and fun game to play. But consider. Each game play is around $1.00, and you "must" play for 20 games before it'll become a good mature breeder. So that's $20 right there.

Many players have a "stable" of Horses i.e. different cards they use to improve their breeding and stats. Having ten or more cards in not uncommon.

The actual race is around a minute or so, but with the training, feeding and other stuffs like waiting around for other players to get ready to race, total Game Play is maybe 3-5 minutes. Each time.

When you first get into this, it's not uncommon to spend hundred$ of dollars a week. In fact, the "CAROLINE" horse owner at D&B's Honolulu spent $3000 when he was interviewed by Midweek, and that was a few weeks ago. THREE THOUSAND BUCKS!

According to game maker SEGA, a typical DOC site will gross around SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH.

All this money has to come from someplace, guess where?

By you dropping money like crazy into this game, doesn't it make sense to at least know the "basics" of gameplay, and not just waste your time and hard earned cash by poking in the dark? Well, that's what this site is all about -- insider's information.

Q: Hey, Can I actually MAKE Money with this Game?
A: Click and you tell me!

This foal "Great Star!" hasn't run a single race (just been breed) and sells on EBAY for around $5-20. 20th Generation. All s. The seller has several other foals for sale.. He just spends $2.00 to create a new foal from his original breeding stock. Each foal card sells for around $5-20. You do the math.

At the very least, selling foal cards (or perhaps a winning breeding pair) will go a long way to paying for your actual gameplay time on DOC. It's like having your cake, and eating it too!

If you have two very good Horses breeding, their foals will not only start off with great STATS, but may also be Special Horses. You may successfully breed a pair of Horses many times, before they "tire" out.

If you are planning on doing this, study the game, these guides and also what is selling (and for exactly how much) on EBAY. Then adjust accordingly.

One idea is to buy a male and a female all s. Then race them WELL (i.e. make 'em winners), and use them as breeders (or infuse your own breeding stable with this "new blood".) And sell off the foals. Shipping out the foal cards via USPS is $.37 plus an envelope. This could be that one arcade game where you actually could MAKE Money. Good Luck!
**It must be mentioned that Double Circle horses will not run on the new software Derby Owners Club World Edition EX**

See Breeding.