Jackpot Horses!

Once you breed a horse and finish the race, your horse card will come out and the horse will have one race on it. If you feel the horse may be special, for it's second race you should enter it in a
4R (fourth) race against Best Right (one of the computer horses). The races (4R) that he appeard in are the 4R before the Japan Cup Dirt, and the 4R before the American Derby. Your first and
second trainings should be solo trainings. Try to get "cool" and eat the large carrot. I train start the first training, and tenacious on the second training. If you happen to get a "great" on either one
of these trainings it will inflate the symbols you get, so you'll have to account for this when evaluating the symbols you get.

When the horses enter the track to walk before the race, check and see what favorite your horse is. For a really special horse with two solo trainings with a result of "cool", you would expect
to see it favored NO LESS than 8th in it's second race vs. Best Right. A jackpot horse would likely be favored fifth or sixth in it's SECOND race vs. Best Right.

After all the horses walk the track and are introduced, the handicap screen pops up just before the race begins. This is the chart just before the race begins that shows various symbols (, , etc.)
for each horse. When this comes on the screen, look to see if your horse gets any symbols. Specifically you are checking the first three spots in your horse's line for symbols. Sometimes horses
entered in this race for their second race get no symbols, and can be considered your average horse. If your horse DOES get symbols, then this is a better quality horse than the average. Depending
on what symbols you get, you can judge the horse's potential. If you get a couple triangles, you could consider it to be a fairly decent horse (better than average). I set a national record with a horse
that got - ( two circles and a blank in third spot). A jackpot horse is considered to be a horse that actually "steals" the double circles from Best Right in the first three spots. The best possible
scenario for your horse's symbols would be . Best Right is too strong in the second category to steal his double circle in that spot. If you get any circles though, you should consider your
horse to be a "mini jackpot". Remember above I pointed out that one of my horses received -, and went on to set a national record on EC 1600 turf. So if you are able to get ANY circles take
very good care of that horse. By that I mean to make sure you do very well on training the horse. Lots of cool and great trainings are very important to maximize the potential of these horses.
The better you do at training the horse, the more likely you are to see the horse's true potential. Try to get many green salads, and sugar cubes if possible, on this horse.