Jackpots how to get them and what to look for
Written by the one they call OOP

Alrighty folks, you’ve asked for it so much that I’ve finally taken the time to right this down.

The question is how do I find a Jackpot????

Well, the first thing you need to do is have a Line that has maxed internals.

This generally takes between 8 and 15 generations depending on how you do. But you need to get the following for every breeder of every generation.
Eventually, your baby horses will come out Well Balanced. This is a good indication your internals are maxed. (Not always true, but close).

The number of Generations on the horse doesn't matter.

You can get Mega Jackpots out of a 10th generation combo, and a 100th generation combo.

Okay, once you’ve done that, you need to start your search. And this means breeding. A LOT!!!!! The first thing you are going to want to do is figure out where your horses normally debut in a race.
The best way to do this is to always breed in the same difficulty race.

For instance, if you always breed your horse in the 1R to race in the 2R, than always do this. (I actually recommend breeding in the 2r’s to have the debut in the 3r) And you will get a feel for your horse
and where they should place. (Always remember, any other players in the race and your favorites will be different).

What you are looking for in these races is just a trend. Once you know your horses well enough, you can start spotting increases.

Okay, now after you know your line well enough. Start looking for a debut race that jumps higher than you expect. If your horses normally debut at 9 or 10, if you get a horse that debuts 4 5 or 6, save
the horse for a bit. Don’t race its second race yet. (Bear in mind that Sugar Cubes and Green Salads can affect your placement. So if you normally don’t get a sugar cube on your first race, and you do,
and it debut’s higher, it might not mean that your horse is better)

Grab a couple of these horses and wait for one of the races that Best Right is known to run in. (See bottom of this page for that list)

Insert your horses on the second race, to race against Best Right.

In this race you want to find out two things. First, you want to see where you are favored in the race. You are looking to find a horse that is favored somewhere around 5th favorite.

Second, and most importantly are the first 3 symbols in the
handicappers’ section. You need to steal a symbol from Best Right. (Best right, if no one is running, will have all Double Circles in the handicapper section.) But you are only interested in the first 3.

The first is Stamina, Second is Speed, and third is Sharp.
Most likely you will never grab a middle symbol.

You want to have a horse that grabs at least one of them though.
So a - would be what is called a mini
And a - would be a Jackpot.

This is not to say that a horse that gets an _ isn’t any good. At that point you will need to decide if you want to race it or not. (I would race it and see what happens).

But a horse that doesn’t grab any symbols is just more breeding stock.