What are internals???

There are 2 types of internals: potential and performance. The potential internals are Speed, Stamina and Sharp.
These increase throughout the life cycle of your horse as racing internals.
They also get strengthened and passed down through generations at which time they are called breeding internals.
The performance internals are dirt, off track ability and tiredness.
These are set by lineage. For example, Thunder Boy is the #1 dirt sire.
The dirt ability of horses from his lines are higher than those from non-dirt sires.

How do you max-out Internals?

The key to maxing out your internals is mostly just breeding through the generations. But, there are some things you can do to do this faster.

The first, and the most important aspect of this to get all 3 of the "Special Foods".

After winning your first Unique G1, don't take your horse out, continue on to the 1 Race. Train, and then feed it the first of the 3 special foods, the Herbal Dumpling.
You need to do this 3 times, with three unique G1's.

The special foods are:
1. Herbal Dumpling,
2. Super Herbal Dumpling,
3. Large Korean Ginseng.

The second thing you want to do is have 50.1 percent winning percentage. Meaning 10 wins out of 20 races isn't enough.
You want 11 wins in 20 races, or anything that gives OVER 50 percent.

Now, the above two are the most important. Here are two other things you can do to help.

1- Win 7 unique g1's.
2- Place in the top three over 75 percent.

This will increase the internals per generation faster.

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