Email me at for details about Horse Juicing!!!
Available @ $5 per horse or $80 for up to 20 different horses!
How does Horse Juicing Work? You send us your own derby owners club horses and we can change any stats on it!
We can pretty much change anything on a horse: Silk Colors, Hearts, Races, Wins, G1 Titles, Name, Parents Name, Internals, Externals, Earnings, etc.

We can max out your horses internals/externals or make a retired horse race again...we can also copy your horses if you want more than one of the same horse!!

These horses will work on Derby Owners Club World Edition or Derby Owners Club World Edition EX

All Condition = Track condition - good, good to soft, soft, heavy, muddy, firm, yielding. The horses will run good if any of those conditions comes up on the track.
Sharp Line = Horses will perform best on 1200 meter races up to 1700 meter races.
Speed Line = Horses will perform best on 1800 meter races up to 2200 meter races.
Stamina Line = Horses will perform best on 2400 meter races up to 3200 meter races.

All Condition Turf Only Lines
All Condition Dirt & Turf Lines

All of the lines above had at minimum 7 Grade 1 titles on the Sire and 7 Grade 1 titles on the Dam, were fed the 3 Special Grade 1 Foods (Herbal Dumpling, Super Herbal Dumpling, and Large Korean Ginseng), and had a 100% win ratio.

Please EMail Me the details for the horses you would like to purchase.

You can pick their Names (Max 18 Letters & Spaces) and their Colors (See Below).
All horses will arrive to you with 15 races, 15 wins, 12 million in earnings with 3 Grade 1 Titles.
You can choose the horses to be either: Front Runners or Last Spurts

All horses will come on Brand New or Recycled DOC Cards. (with labels indicating horse info).
All horses will have natural retirement stats.

All horses will come with the following internal types:
Mixed Internal Horses: These are the most requested Internals horses, they are made for both racing and breeding, so you get the "Best of Both Worlds"!

All of the horses Internals (Stats you can't see) and Externals (Stats you CAN see~~~Blue Bars) are MAXXED OUT to the most they can be.

The horses can come in any color available in Derby Owners Club.

Front Runner
Last Spurt
Stretch Runner

Payment/Shipping Terms
We accept the following forms of payment.

  • Paypal (Worldwide)

  • Cash (Mailed - USA)

  • USPS Money Orders (USA)

  • Walmart 2 Walmart Money Transfer Service (USA)

We try our best to ship your order out within 2 business days.
We will always ship via USPS with delivery confirmation however we do offer UPS / FedEx shipping options (Buyer pays UPS/FedEx shipping fees).

If you are purchasing horses from us please have the following information ready to be filled in for the amount of horses you have purchased.
You can send me a email with your horse information to

  • Male Name
  • Male Line
  • Male Color
  • Male Leg Type (Front Runner or Last Spurt or Stretch Runner)

  • Female Name
  • Female Line
  • Female Color
  • Female Leg Type (Front Runner or Last Spurt or Stretch Runner)

  • Example:
  • Male Name - Running Legend
  • Male Line - Thunder Boy/SaraBeara
  • Male Color - Tiger
  • Male Leg Type - Last Spurt

  • Female Name - Super Horse
  • Female Line - Thunder Boy/SaraBeara
  • Female Color - Zebra
  • Female Leg Type - Stretch Runner

  • Our Prices for "ShEtY Stables Horse Pairs":
    1 Horse Pairing (2 Horses ~ 1 Male + 1 Female) = $15.00
    2 Horse Pairing (4 Horses ~ 2 Male + 2 Female) = $22.00
    3 Horse Pairing (6 Horses ~ 3 Male + 3 Female) = $28.00
    4 Horse Pairing (8 Horses ~ 4 Male + 4 Female) = $33.00
    5 Horse Pairing (10 Horses ~ 5 Male + 5 Female) = $40.00
    DOC Horse Pair(s)


    Shipping times within the USA will be 2-10 business days usually, please allow me 1-2 business days to make your horses before they can be sent out.
    We now offer different shipping options. When paying you can choose between the following shipping options for USA customers:

  • First Class Mail (Free ~ 3-9 Business Day Delivery)
  • Priority Mail ($6.50 fee ~ 2-5 Business Day Delivery)
  • Express Mail ($20.50 Fee ~ 1-2 Business Day Delivery)

  • Please note that I only ship to USA (50 states + USA Territories) via my Website.

    If you are outside of the USA (IE International - UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) and would like to purchase DOC Horses, please email me - Click Here to EMAIL Me! we can workout a shipping option for you. I have shipped FedEx International Priority many times before for customers in that region.

    Shipping Fees for International (Includes Tracking #):
  • USPS Express Mail International ($45.00 ~ 4-10 Business Day Delivery)
  • FedEx International Priority ($69.00 ~ 3-6 Business Day Delivery)
  • UPS Worldwide Saver ($69.00 ~ 3-6 Business Day Delivery)

  • If you are interested in purchasing only single pairs of horses we have it available at this link - ShEtY Stable Horse Pairs.

    If you have any questions please contact me at my email address