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Breaking Records

The first thing you need to realize about track records is the differences between track conditions.

On Turf
The best track condition for Turf is Good. Your horse will not run as fast on any other track condition. Second best is Good to Soft. It is possible to break some records on Good to Soft tracks, depending on how good the track record is. Soft tracks are difficult to break records with. It depends on the horse, the post position and the jockey. I've seen people tie a really good record on soft, and not come close to it on good. Heavy tracks are the slowest. Even if your horse runs perfectly, odds are you will still be 2 or even 4 seconds off the track record.

Dirt Tracks
The absolute best track conditions for break records on dirt tracks is soft. With a Soft track, a good dirt horse and a good jockey... this is your best chance to break a record. The second best for dirt is Heavy tracks. Most Dirt horses run well on heavy tracks. And since Dirt tracks are generally a lot slower than Turf tracks, you have a good chance to get this record. The third best is Good to Soft. The fourth best is Good. On a dirt track, this is the slowest a horse will run. Go figure.

The Second thing you need to break records is a good Front Runner in the race This is so important. No matter how strong your horse is, no matter how many generations it is. Unless there is a Strong/Fast Great Escaper in the race, the odds are against you in breaking records. This is the key to teamwork. Someone has to run rabbit. And the person running rabbit, may or may not have a chance to break the record themselves. But Chasing down those fast rabbits is how records are set. If you ARE the Great Escaper, it is very possible for you to break a record all by yourself. Depending on the track, the conditon, and the race. The third and most important thing You have to realize that certain records can only be broken at certain times. If the Track is a G1 race. The record will most likely only be broken during that G1 race. For some reason, horses run a lot faster in G1's than they do in any other race. If the Record is not a G1 Record, it is possible to break it in other races. Your Best chance at this is to race in 3R races. Not all races occur in 3's or G1's. And only 2 races show up only as a Handicap race. (Southern Park 1800 and Western Hill 1200 Dirt) There are 6 tracks that show up only once outside of the handicaps races, and never in a 3R or G1 race. Know your races, and where they show up. Knowing when a record can be broken is as important as being able to break it. Being able to break records requires knowing your whip charts